Things That Might Be Asked of You in a Job Interview at a Bank

If you are sending resumes to banks, there is some important information you need to know about the interview. Before we go into the questions you might be asked, you must know that banks are still conservative institutions. If you are already in banking, you know that. If you are a new grad, or thinking about transitioning into banking, then be aware that they are traditional in their expectations of attire. Even though your teller may be casually dressed, make sure you go to the interview in a dark-colored suit.

The other thing you need to know about banking, if you are new to the business, is that banks consider themselves retailers. We never used to think of them as such, but they sell products to the general public from readily accessible buildings, hence it’s a retail environment. Banks have goals of how many checking accounts are opened, how many loans are processed, how many savings accounts are opened and what types of products are sold in each category. That means that the bank interview questions you can expect to be asked will relate to customer service and selling skills.

One of my new college grad clients recently interviewed for a banking position. She shared a few of the bank interview questions she was asked and that you can expect to be asked also:

  • Have you ever sold anything? Tell me about what you sold.
  • Have you ever had a customer who was unhappy about their service? What did you do?
  • Have you ever competed in anything?
  • Did you ever work in a group project in college?

The first question is obviously about selling skills. Be sure to tell what you sold, how and what the result was of how much you sold. The second question is seeking to find out if you can handle upset customers without getting rattled. Next is to see if you are goal oriented. People who are successful in sales, love to compete and set goals. The next question is to see how you work with others and can you work in a team. It is also an opportunity to share your leadership abilities, if you took the lead when you worked with a group.

Those are just a few sample interview questions that you can expect to be asked when you go on a bank interview. Prepare in advance to talk about your skills and what you can do to sell products, and to provide top customer service.