5 Tips to Save You Time on Your Marketing

“I don’t have time to do Marketing.”

A common statement when I speak to a business. Firstly, if you have started a business, you are already marketing. Secondly, your business got to this point by marketing – what do you think will happen if you stop? Remember, marketing (telling people about your business) is how you get sales leads. Marketing warms them up and you convert.

Tips to save time on your marketing. Inspect your marketing and you will keep your clients.


Yes, this seems like a silly point if you don’t have time but you need to make time to create time. If you have a plan, you know what’s happening and when which means you save time on procrastinating and the stress of what to do next. A Marketing Plan means you have schedule of all of your marketing.


Use a diary to allocate some time, just by it being in your diary will make you more aware of it.


Just like with your current workload, I’m sure you assign deadlines to yourself and allow yourself time to do the work. Assign deadlines to your own marketing. When I need to do a blog, I set a deadline for the copy, three weeks before I need to publish it to the website. If it gets done earlier, it gets loaded on to my website and scheduled for my publish date. If I have to move it on a few days/ week, I still have time and I am aware of it.


This means a cost to your business but it means it gets done and very little impact on your own time. Also, in the grand scheme of things, it means you can fill your diary with sales meetings and carrying out the tasks you are selling rather than marketing it.

Employ someone

This generally costs even more than outsourcing but you can perhaps get someone part-time who can do you marketing and other activities to save your time. Quick rule of thumb, if you are looking to employ someone, take their wage and add 32%. This is the actual cost to your business so work out if you can bring in enough business to cover that. Also, don’t forget, you’ll have to devote some time to training…

The definition of Insanity:

“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein.