Is Buying Real Estate Today A Good Investment Opportunity?

Being that you are reading this you are wanting to find out if buying real estate is still a good investment opportunity.

Well, lets be honest…

Real estate will always be a good investment opportunity, its all in how you approach it and how strategic you get when times get hard in the economy.

First, a little word of advice…

Just because advertisements, newspapers or media people say the economy is terrible and you shouldn’t buy real estate because we are in a recession, doesn’t mean you should listen to them.

Those newspapers and media sell bad news because it gets readers and viewers, the more they have the more they can charge for advertisements.

Besides most of the experts you see make less than you do at your job, so why listen to them?

Here are a couple solid idea’s to get your mind going on why buying real estate is still a good investment opportunity.

First, as more and more people lose and move out of their main homes, this is in large part because they can no longer afford that big mortgage because of a hardship of some sort…

Laid off, downsized or just plain can’t find work.

This is where the opportunity lies…

People will always need a place to live and if you can provide one they will pay you forever!

At a alarming rate rentals have gone up.

Families are realizing that they need a home and usually a apartment is not the best option for them so they find normal homes that fit their budget and loyally pay their monthly dues.

Imagine not having to worry about how the economy is doing, or if a company makes a mistake or gets boughtout and your investments tank.

This is the power of having rentals.

That as long as they are occupied, you will have a check every month!

Another great way to buy real estate and create a investment opportunity is by flipping homes strategically…

Flipping homes was very popular between 2000 and 2005, and that’s largely in part because it was easy to do it.

Homes were appreciating every 30 days and anybody could make money as long as they were willing to go through the motions and invest a little…

This is no longer the case, its takes a strategic plan today. But the chances for making more money exist.

If you are going to peruse this route I would contact and interview a handful of very successful realtors. And once you find one who is good at finding distressed properties, negotiating and selling, get them on board and use them as a long term asset.

Buying real estate for investment opportunities is not complicated but it does require risk and being able to adjust to the ever changing environment.

In doing so you can to build yourself a fortune over time and laugh at all the media that told you not to go into real estate investing.